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During his official trip to Chile, Prince Harry visited Cerro La Cruz in Valparaíso to express his support for the difficult situation the community is experiencing.

Yesterday, Princess Beatrice  visited the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, Scotland. She posted this on her Twitter account.

70/100 Photosets of Prince Harry 


This lovely knew how to convey a speech

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Prince Harry speaks at a dinner for his charity Sentebale in Johannesburg, South Africa in February 2013. The dinner was part of Sentebale’s major fundraising campaign to build the Mamohato Centre, which provides psychosocial support and education to young people infected with HIV.


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip favourite pics.

Ask me my favourite top 5 of anything…….

Get to know: Prince Harry of Wales, the People’s Prince [insp]


Lesson: If you have requested a meeting with Prince Harry at St. James’ Palace and you’re waiting in a room with the door shut, it don’t mean shit to His Royal Highness if you’re the “host”, it is his house and he will go wherever and do whatever he damn well pleases.


Charles on Harry being in the military


These two though…

30 Days of Prince Harry Challenge 
  • Day 11: Favorite Photoshoot or Interview
The Jubilee Queen - Interviewed by Katie Couric

Harry sat down with ABC’s Katie Couric while he was on tour visiting The Bahamas, Jamaica, Belize, and Brazil - representing his Grandmother Queen Elizabeth II for for her Diamond Jubilee

He discussed his relationship with Her Majesty and among other topics, his desire for a family. 

And a collective “Awwwwwww” was heard from around the world.


Prince Philip spam

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